The Proposed Federal Budget Undermines Economic Stability for Most Americans

SEIU, Indivisible, OFA, National Women’s Law Center and others are collecting stories about how the proposed budget will harm people. I’ve submitted my story about the proposed gutting of income based repayment and public service loan forgiveness for student loans. But there’s a lot at stake from housing, food for children, public transportation, disease prevention and medical research. Not to mention the tiny bit of public money devoted to arts. Submit at Hands Off!

If you haven’t thought about speaking out against the proposed cuts to social security, to food for poor children, to heating assistance for poor people living in colder parts of the country, to health care for many people through Medicare or Planned Parenthood, to student loan repayment assistance for teachers and public interest workers, here are some things to read about the impacts:

NOTE: CNN & time autoplay video constantly so beware those links. Also, this is not a carefully curated list. I have taken topics that arose in the partisan mailings I read and tried to find more neutral, general audience sources for the same information.

The Shriver Center on the budget’s impact on affordable housing

CityLab on the impact of the budget on Amtrak, infrastructure and on housing/HUD

Time magazine, NPREd, Consumerist, US News, and  on student loans and paying for college

The Guardian (another Guardian article), the ABA Journal, the Washington Post, CNN, the Atlantic on the defunding of the Legal Services Corporation proposed in the budget

How the budget guts medical research (NPR) (Washington Post), children’s health care (CNN), Medicaid (Washington Post) (USA Today), health and human services generally (Chicago Tribune), CDC disease and outbreak prevention (Kaiser Family Foundation) (Stat News)

Newsweek on the general outrage over the budget.


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