I have mailed my #IdesofBully postcards; I wrote 30 of them. Apparently, this is in contravention to the intent of the campaign, but I did not look at any of the campaign materials until today, after putting my cards in the mail.

I only looked today because  I needed a link for the post. The first call to action I saw was back in February and it was actually pretty distasteful to me. It used childish and hateful language to call upon people to send nastygrams to the White House on March 15th. It struck me as great idea, poorly executed. So I guess it’s too bad that I did not look at the website sooner.

Still I liked the general idea of flooding the White House with expressions of opposition; I wanted to participate in a coordinated statement from people who do not support the policies, actions and values demonstrated by this administration. So I started writing postcards, not simply saying “I do not support you” but also expressing what I want from my government. My intent was not just to send the White House a symbol of my opposition, but also send my members of Congress and Governor statements of what I see as their duty to us.

In the process of writing the postcards, I sent spares to Paul Ryan, opposing his crusade against the ACA. I sent spares to some Republicans who had expressed dismay by how unpopular the push to repeal the ACA is. I came up with ambitious plans for postcard campaigns for myself for the next several years.

At any rate, these are my postcards:

  1. I want my government to investigate climate change and fund research for alternative fuels. I want my government to clear our air and water. I want society to reduce use of fossil fuels. I do not support your policies.
  1. I want my government to support and fund science. The CDC should be allowed to collect and share data on gun violence and gun suicide in the U.S. The government should fund and promote vaccination as necessary to a healthy society. You do not represent me.
  1. I support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I support regulation of financial markets and taxation of businesses and inheritance. You do not represent me.
  1. Public Service Loan Forgiveness creates the public good. PSLF acknowledges the value public service professionals, teachers and civil servants create in our society. PSLF shows we know what makes America great. I support Public Service Loan Forgiveness. I do not support you.
  1. I want my government to provide universal health care which offers zero coat contraception, coverage for abortion services, pre-natal care, vaccines and which does not exclude chronic illness, mental health coverage nor cap lifetime benefits. I do not approve of the administration moving backward on this.
  1. I want my government to provide: housing, universal health care, strong public education and food for everyone. Use my taxes for that, not for drug wars, prisons, occupying forces, tax breaks for business and billionaires. Use them for infrastructure, not the Department of Homeland Security.
  1. Planned Parenthood provides critical healthcare to persons who cannot otherwise get care. Medicaid and Medicare provide critical healthcare to persons who cannot otherwise get care. Fund services; expand health care for all.
  1. The U.S. needs to invest in public transportation, public housing, public schools and public health is we are to be truly great. Your policies harm the public good and diminish the nation. I do not support you. You do not represent me.
  1. Abolish the death penalty. Do not privatize prisons. Obstruct the school-to-prison pipeline. De-militarize the police. Repeal the 2nd Your policies create harm I do not support you. You are moving the nation backwards.
  1. There is no evidence of significant voter fraud in the U.S. There is evidence of voter suppression. Government needs to make it easier for eligible voters to register, learn about the candidates and cast their votes.
  1. Women’s rights are human rights. The administration has a disgusting attitude toward the rights and dignity of women, as does the Republican party. I do not support you. You do not represent me.
  1. Systemic sexism exists. Women’s rights are human rights. Women deserve a government working for their rights. We deserve a president who respected women. You do not represent me—I do not support your presidency.
  1. I support universal coverage for: contraception, abortion services, prenatal care. I support mandated paid maternity and paternity leave. The single most important factor in women’s wealth is person control of their fertility. I do not support you; I do not support your agenda.
  1. We must protect the dignity and rights of all people. Trans men, trans women and trans children deserve the full protections of law and society. I oppose the administration’s moves to curtail their rights.
  1. Black Lives Matter. I am horrified that this administration allies with, employs and appoints racists. It is unconscionable. I do not support this.
  1. Systemic racism exists. It is a blight on the U.S. Black lives matter and African-Americans deserve a government working to protect their rights. Jeff Sessions does not deserve the honor of leading the DOJ. He does not represent the best of us.
  1. I believe the U.S. must acknowledge the genocide against Native Americans in our history. We must acknowledge the impact of racism on our communities. These systemic inequities need redress. You do not represent me or my values.
  1. No ban. No wall. Immigration makes the U.S. stronger. I support a path to citizenship. I believe in accepting refugees. I believe your policies weaken this nation and its economy.
  1. A path to citizenship is the best way to ensure that all immigrants are a productive part of our communities. I support this. I do not support you; you do not represent me.
  1. White male Christian terrorists have killed more people in the U.S than radical Muslims. We must have better protections against gun violence. I do not support your agenda.
  1. De-escalate the drug war. Put public funding into mental health treatment and addition services. Put public funding into rehabilitation and re-entry services. Put public funding into housing, food benefits, and veterans’ services. You do not represent my values and priorities. I do not support you.
  1. I want government to focus on: → Demilitarizing the police → De-escalating the drug war → Desegregating out communities. I do not support your administration and believe your policies are wrong and dangerous.
  1. I strongly value the separation of Church and State. Religion has no place in my government. My government has no right and no privilege to treat people differently based upon their religion. I do not support you.
  1. Anti-Semitism is indefensible. Vandalism, threats and violence against Jewish cemeteries, community centers and people are to be condemned. You have not done so and I do not support you.
  1. Hold confirmation hearings on Merrick Garland. Support for the rules of law and respect for courts makes us strong. You do not represent me.
  1. Authority derives from the consent of the governed.. I do not consent to governance by racist, sexist xenophobes.
  1. The best presidents treat everyone with dignity and respect. I do not support you. You do not represent the best of my nation.
  1. I do not believe the President has properly divested himself from businesses and other interests that create conflicts of interest. I do not support you.
  1. A good president is one who listens to voices other than his own, to voices which do not agrees with him. A good president puts the good of the people and the will of the people first, before the interests of friends, donors and ego. You do not represent me. I do not support you.
  1. The GOP is bad for American. I do not support their agenda. It does not represent me.


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