Weekly To-Do List

Note: the curator of this list makes it freely available and is–herself–sharing it on the internet under her own name with her own contact information. However, she asks people to share the lists personally with like-minded folks to cut down on the trolls and hatemail coming to her for making the list. So, because I’m sharing the list impersonally, I am not linking the source (which I’m sure you can find it with the search engine of your choice). I also won’t be sharing future lists.

I will be making all of these calls this week, but I’m not sure I’ll be following the list each week. This is a never-ending exhausting battle. I know I’ll need weeks off. I know I will need to ignore some calls to action. Sometimes (like last week, when it was 20 degrees outside), I’ll stand on a street corner to chant slogans against Mike Pence. Sometimes (like last month when I had to deal with being robbed), I won’t make it to the Planned Parenthood march and rally.  That’s okay.

smallphoneBurnout is inevitable with activism. You pace yourself. You miss actions and you don’t beat yourself up over it. You move on to the next thing. But you have to start and this is a good list. It also helps to plaster a big (even if totally fake) smile on your face when talking on the phone. I recommend a cocktail hat and dress as well–but that’s because I tend toward the frivolous and ridiculous in my private life.

Quoted Text Starts Here:

Make calls. It works. Based on the advice of my own senator’s staff, make these calls before hearings begin on Jan 10. This means right now, for each cabinet appointee you feel is unfit to serve, there are two specific actions to take:

1. Tell the Senate committee chair (Republican) you oppose the nominee.
2. Tell the Senate ranking member (Democrat) you oppose the nominee.
3. Optional: You can also call your own two senators to let them know. My Note: Definitely call your own senator as well. It’s just two more calls. I recommend calling their local office, rather than their DC office–the calls get tallied just the same, but in my experience, it’s easier to get through.

Note: Do leave a message if you get voicemail or call after hours.

The following seven people are the Senate Democrats’ official “oppose” list. I’ll be suggesting more in next week’s email. Appointments with an asterisk* were major donors to President Elect’s campaign and/or PACs.

1. Oppose Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson for ties to Exxon and Russia (source)

Committee: Foreign Relations Committee (more deets)

Call: Chair Bob Corker (R-TN) 202-224-3344
Call: Ranking member Ben Cardin ([D]-MD) 202-224-4524

Script: I am calling to oppose Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. His ties to Russia and Exxon are a risk to our nation’s integrity and security.

2. Oppose Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions for racial bias and opposition to LGBT rights (source)

Committee: Senate Judiciary Committee (deets) hearings on Jan 10 and 11

Call: Chair Chuck Grassley 202-224-3744
Call: Ranking member Patrick Leahy 202-224-4242

Script: I am calling to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General because I believe in the rights of gays and lesbians and people of color.

3. Oppose Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Price for his opposition to the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). (source)

Committee: Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (deets) Note: this is the same committee as for Betsy DeVos and Andy Puzder (below), so combine them if you wish.

Call: Chairman Lamar Alexander 202-224-4944
Call: Ranking member Patty Murray 202-224-2621

Script: I am calling to oppose Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human services. I believe we should be expanding health care coverage for Americans, not making it more difficult to access and afford.

4. Oppose Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos* for her support of diverting tax dollars to private schools. (source)

Committee: Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (deets)

Call: Chairman Lamar Alexander 202-224-4944
Call: Ranking member Patty Murray 202-224-2621

Script: I am calling to oppose Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. I believe my tax dollars should fund a robust and free primary education to all Americans. Her plans would leave public schools even more underfunded.

5. Oppose Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder* for his opposition to workers rights and fair wages (source) (implications)

Committee: Hearing on Jan 12 (deets) Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

Call: Chairman Lamar Alexander 202-224-4944
Call: Ranking member Patty Murray 202-224-2621

Script: I am calling to oppose Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary. I value fair wages and worker’s rights, and Mr. Puzder seeks to weaken both.

6. Oppose Mick Mulvaney’s appointment to Director of Management and Budget Office. (source) (opinion)

Committee 1: Senate Budget Committee (deets)

Call: Chairman Mike Enzi 202-224-3424
Call: Ranking member Bernie Sanders 202-224-5141

Committee 2: Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (deets)

Call: Chairman Ron Johnson 202-224-5323
Call: Incoming ranking member Claire McCaskill 202-224-6154

Script: I am calling to oppose Mick Mulvaney’s appointment. I believe in honoring our country’s financial obligations and supporting affordable healthcare.

7. Oppose Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin for his history of predatory business practices (source)

Committee: Senate Finance Committee (deets)

Call: Chairman Orrin Hatch 202-224-5251
Call: Ranking member Ron Wyden 202-224-5244

Script: I am calling to oppose Steven Mnuchin (m’NOO-chin) for Treasury Secretary. I believe someone in this role needs to have a history of solid ethics and integrity.


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