These are My Thoughts, as Expressed by Others

shriver berg onbeing

The Shriver Peace Institute, a person I don’t know on Facebook, a theologian quoted at On Being.

I live in a mostly white, mostly college-educated, mostly professional neighborhood where the median income is $20k higher than the city’s median income as a whole. I have lived in this 0.249 square mile for at least 10 years now. Wednesday, November 9, 2016, I witnessed  the first overt racist harassment I have seen in my neighborhood, by a man, shouting racists things at three African-American clerks in my corner drug store in the name of the president-elect. I feel ill-equipped to intervene, unsure how to turn the tide, frightened that more people will be threatened, that others will be physically harmed.

I’m trying. I will do what I can. This is not normal.

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