That’s Not How it Works

Your vote in this election (or lack thereof) will do one of two things: It will assist in electing Hillary Clinton or it will assist in electing Donald Smith. It won’t create a viable third party; it won’t dismantle entrenched parties; it won’t remove money from elections; it won’t make a statement; it won’t prove a point; it won’t do anything except assist in the election of one of these two people. That is what is on your conscience when you vote or don’t.

I can sleep at night knowing I have supported a highly competent, successful lawmaker who has put forward a strong domestic agenda intended to support social welfare and social justice.

I could not possibly sleep at night knowing I abetted the election of an unqualified liar who pursues hate through an agenda of mass deportation, the banning of persons of particular religions and the prosecution of women who abort or miscarry.


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