Even though it buries the lede

Bernie Sanders’ plan to abolish private prisons is great because it reinstates Federal parole and abolishes immigration detention minimums. Goddamn, it’s like someone expecting society to function with compassion, care and concern for how human beings are treated.

I also like how the Vox analysis notes that treating prisoners with care and concern can lead to economic efficiencies. Seriously, so many people can’t be convinced of the moral necessity of treating inmates as human beings, it’s nice to have a back-up argument.

Vox does not even get into the after-effects of compassion in prisons. How we treat prisoners–including how difficult we make it for their families to support them while they are imprisoned–has a profound effect on the ability of the inmate to re-integrate upon release. It makes no sense to imprison a person for inability to conduct himself in a way not harmful to the community or the people around him if you are going to exacerbate that inability while he is in prison. And then release him into a community without any services or aid.


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