Things to Remember

I count the two years (more or less) that I lived in Alabama to be the most consistently miserable years of my life. Teachers modeling startling ignorance and unsurpassed bad judgment. Classmates openly and emphatically displaying the sort of racism and fear of the future responsible for stereotypes about “the South”. Strangers showing disgust and impatience for anything not 100 years local. I had never before, nor since, felt so alien and confused as to how I was to relate to the people around me.

So I was very glad to read this today, in reference to the Supreme Court refusal to stay enforcement of the Federal Court order requiring probate judges to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples:

Some judges don’t seem to find it a very difficult question at all:

“At the end of the day, it’s still a very simple legal analysis: You’ve got a federal court order,” said Judge Alan L. King of Jefferson County, who added: “This is a happy day for all of these couples, and if you can’t be happy for people, then I’m sorry. If someone can’t understand the joy and happiness of others, then I don’t know what else I can say.”

I feel like Roy Moore’s behavior confirms all of my worst stereotypes about Alabama, so it’s important to me to remember that all of the couples getting married, as well as people like Judge King, are just as much Alabamans as he is.
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Because it’s true. And I need to be reminded of it.

Loud voices are not the only voices. While you can always find confirmation for a negative image you have–or a repeat of bad behavior that formed that image, you need to notice the evidence against it, as well.

Congratulations, Alabama! And best wishes to all the lovely couples who get the external validation that their commitment to each other has meaning in our society. Also, just hooray for love!



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