Bike Winter

We got around 23 inches of snow earlier this week and today was the first day I attempted to bike to work. My route is mostly through the park–there’s a bit (maybe a total of one mile out of four) at both ends which takes me over a mix of major roads and side streets. The first side street was reasonably clear, but I had to take the lane. Fortunately, no impatient or terrifyingly aggressive drivers were behind me. (Guys, we all get to the red light at the same time. Every day. I know; I pay attention. Also, I’m the only one actually stopping at that stop sign, so, check yourself.) I was glad to see it because when I walked that way to the bus on Tuesday, it was an unplowed mess.

The sidewalks through the park from the street to the trail are usually untouched, but this morning some of them were cleared. Unfortunately about 1/4 mile of my route was completely unplowed this morning–a part where there is no where to go but forward (or back, I suppose), despite the reports (which I checked!) saying the trail was clear. I would have taken a picture but my hands were too cold. There was plow in my way, too, so I’m hoping it’s clear for the ride home.

The racks at the office are under two feet of snow, so the bike is in the (unoccupied) intern’s office (yes, I used a brush and a rag to wipe most of the snow off before I brought it inside). I considered leaving it here until tomorrow afternoon, but I knew I probably wouldn’t.

So I did not leave the bike at work and was glad because the path was cleared and there was almost no traffic–on the trail and off.

I was cold and it seemed too late to take pictures, so here is one from January, when it looked like this coming home:

Bridge Jan 2015

Diversey Harbor bridge, January 19, 2015.

There’s more snow now and not only was it sunnier today, it’s already staying lighter longer.


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