Wondering what I did wrong

South of NorthBrought the winter bike out of storage this weekend to start riding it (it has better tires for the park between the road and trail that does not get plowed) and noticed the tires were low. When I went to fill the tires this morning, I noticed the chain was completely rusted through.

I thought I had properly cleaned and lubed it before storing it over the summer, but clearly I did something wrong. I fussed with it for a few minutes, but there was no quick way to salvage it–if there is anyway to salvage it at all.

It’s a little frustrating. I’ve taken basic maintenance classes but this is the second time that chain has come out of storage in miserable shape. Last year, a little cleaning and re-oiling was sufficient, but this year it’s more of a mess.

In fact, every time there’s something simple wrong, I take it to the mechanics because I don’t know what to do. And the Sheldon Brown resources on the internet are incomprehensible to me.  I mean, I used to do all sorts of maintenance on the Mitsuibishi (I even replaced the fuel pump once, with only a couple manuals to help), but the bikes baffle me. If I get home in time tonight, I’ll run it up to the shop. Maybe I’ll leave a little early and put in some work time at home to be sure.

I rode Linus instead and so I had to struggle over the non-plowed parts of my route. For some reason, everything south of North Avenue is unplowed (except a single lane between the pedestrian overpass, past the parking lot and before the merge after the pedestrian underpass). Skidded twice but stayed upright the whole time.

I saw more cyclists this morning than I did any day last week and one was quite friendly.


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