I Have Thoughts Unthought

My thoughts about the Hobby Lobby ruling, remain inarticulate. I have not fully read the decision–it’s on my desk–and I have not completely processed the implications. My thoughts have not progressed beyond anger and disgust and feeling assaulted.

Woman at Virginia Protest

Photo attributed to Dave Parrish.

So for now, I will just repeat what Dr. Gunter has said:

Contraception is medical care. I’m not talking about controlling bleeding or reducing cramps . . . but it is medical care to prevent pregnancy. We don’t need any other medical reason.

And the idea that anyone other than the individual herself should have any veto over her medical care nauseates me.

I’ve seen links to Dr. Gunter popping up in unexpected places lately, honestly, which is cool. I’ve been reading and enjoying her thoughts for a while now and it’s always fun to see your own high opinion validated with shares by other people.


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