Getting Around

Here is a post at Streetsblog that I found interesting: “Mythbusters” Finds Roundabouts More Efficient for Motorists

Picture from my commute home last night

Picture taken on my commute home last night

The Chicago subsite has been talking about “woonerfs” and pedestrianized streets (closed to auto traffic but open to bikes and pedestrians) which I also find interesting. It’s fall, which means despite the incredibly gorgeous sunny, clear, cool weather, the Lakefront path is calm and de-congested, so I’m riding to and from work mostly off the surface roads.

It’s really really nice. It would be really really nice even if it weren’t right next to that giant expanse of beautiful blue lake. It’s not smelly; it’s not noisy. Sure, some people pass aggressively and some people pull out in front of you going slowly, or stand right in the middle of the path to check their phone, but it is still much more calm than the surface roads.

On the contrary, as much as I love living in my neighborhood, there is no part of walking through or riding through (or, god forbid, driving in) that is pleasant. Nothing.

I’m pretty sure that no street in my ward has a chance in hell of being pedestrianized, or woonerfed, or even made safer and more pleasant for me to walk along. But I’m glad someone nearby is getting these things.

Maybe if enough of them come to my town, they’ll spread to parts of the city I spend most of my time in.


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