Not Justice, but at least Heroism

It was a needed balm to see Wendy Davis.

You can send your fan mail here: Honorable Wendy Davis, Texas State Senate, P.O. Box 12068, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711-2068.

Then send your donations to Planned Parenthood, for the clinics who provide the healthcare (yes, including abortions, but not limited to abortions, and to Medical Students for Choice, so training hospitals will actually teach medical students how to safely terminate pregnancies in all manner of circumstance.
Then send your donations to Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Lilith Fund, and NARAL, so lobbyists with money (which is power) can make support of reproductive rights and reproductive freedom and abortion access visible.
Then call your Congress representatives and tell them you never want to see legislation like Texas’ horrific bill in your state.

It’s important that was Ms Davis did not be the end of it. She stood there, through a very physical ordeal, because the system is broken. Because voices are not being heard. Because those of us who felt secure in the gains society had made in equal rights and those of us who felt the visibility, prominence and “normalizing” of minorities protected those gains have been dead wrong.

The gains are being used against the liberties and rights they created. The gains are being used as evidence that protections are no longer needed for the disenfranchised or the disadvantaged. The growing acceptance of otherness is being used to prove that horrible things are threatening from just around the corner. Those of us with enough power to feel safe in the confines of the gains already made failed to see the threat for what it was.

Now we all have to be heroes, to make justice for everyone.


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