Continuing that Thought

After writing briefly about bike commuting and community, I saw this bit of information:

Let’s start with car culture. Young people now say that losing their computer or their cell phone would be a far greater loss than going without their car, if they even have one. Baby boomers still say losing their car would be the most disastrous. And millennials just haven’t inherited that excitement over cars or the desire to spend their time tending to them. They don’t see cars as a hobby, just a way to get around — and an increasingly inconvenient one. According to the report, “less than 15 percent of millennials describe themselves as ‘car enthusiasts’ as opposed to 30 percent of baby boomers.”

Millennials Will Drive Less than Their Parents, at DC Streetsblog (emphasis mine, link in original)

That’s how I see my bicycle. It’s a way to get around. Usually the most convenient, often the most comfortable.

Walnut Studiolo custom u-lock holster, my 2nd favorite bike accessory.

Walnut Studiolo custom u-lock holster, my 2nd favorite bike accessory.

Way more fun than nearly any other mode of transportation I’ve ever used. Prettier, too. Also, an excuse to buy stuff. Like my u-lock holster. Or my bike bag. Or my lightning vest.

Also, a very handy way to drive less. Which, second to finding a meaningful job, is the most important quality-of-life choice I have made as an adult.

I have more thoughts on this latter point: quality-of-life decisions I have made as an adult; thought/deed priorities; and how they manifest in interpersonal relationships, but they are yet muddy and undoubtedly complex.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping that it’s pouring rain at going home time, so I can bike home in it.



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