New Year!

City, on my evening commute.

City, on my evening commute.

I realized today–quite by accident–that I made a new year’s resolution. I was, apparently, treating it like a birthday wish: if you share it, it won’t come true. I had not even mentioned it to myself. Now that I’m aware that I have resolved to do/not do this thing, we’ll see how hard it becomes.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? How we order our thoughts and how we motivate and de-motivate ourselves? Is it more difficult to be mindful, every single time we engage, or more difficult to simply remember to disengage? How do you think the thought before you think it, so you remember not to think it?

champersSo far, it’s off to a fair start at best. We spent the last holiday weekend with good friends, good food, good fun, but I’m facing a funding crisis at work and the stress is unpleasant.

Today was my first day back on Linus, since the Friday before Christmas. It was cold, but not windy nor icy, although there are finally patches of ice on the Lake surface. I’m very glad for calm days, a sturdy bike, warm wool, thoughtful friends, and the lovely family I have at home.


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