Sally Field does look great, as Tom and Lorenzo have decreed.

But she is a 66 year old woman, playing a 43 year old. Which is better than Hollywood’s usual 25 year old woman playing a 45 year old. Or actresses cast as mothers of actors their own age. Still, a failure to present accurate images of age (whether it’s youth or maturity) perpetuates the cultural failing of valuing women, first, on the beauty of their faces.

Plus, it’s just annoying.

Edited to add: I should add, of course, that it’s odd to complain about this casting because it’s rare that older actresses are ever cast as anything other than old (wise)(scary)(twee)women(crones)(hags)(sprites). So, to have an older woman cast in a role that’s not defined by age is pretty great. Assuming that’s the case, of course, I haven’t seen the movie.


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