100 days or so

Until Bike to Work Week!

The winter having been so uncommonly mild, I have had the pleasure of riding to work almost every day. I have had the added pleasure of riding to work almost every day on a largely empty Lakefront Trail. Some mornings, I rode the whole four miles without seeing another person, whether on a bike or on foot.

Nothing starts a morning better than this kind of calm solitude.

But the reverse commute was always more populated, even on very cold or wet days.  The reverse commute in winter is dark; work may have been frustrating; I might still have chores to do at home or maybe I’m just tired.

Because of this, going home, even in the winter when the Trail is empty, is never quite as peaceful as the morning.

Even worse, now that it’s neither cold nor wet, the Lakefront Trail is crowded. Riding home on the Lakefront isn’t just “less peaceful”, it’s stressful.

So I have to ride home in traffic, as in “in automobile traffic on the roads”, not as in “in foot traffic on the beach”. It’s hotter, but it’s more predictable. It’s longer, but it’s less terrifying. I don’t get home as serene and happy as I did in the winter commute, but I still love it.


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