Happy International Women’s Day

Now, where is my sarcasm font?

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed the ultrasound bill in into law, anyway, despite the protests and the outcry over the transvaginal ultrasound requirement.

Last year, various states passed a record 92 restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health services.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, was on the Daily Show last night discussing the birth control “debate”, talking about how surreal it is that contraceptive use by an adult is considered controversial by anyone.

We’ve all seen this photo by now:

Woman protesting

Photo attributed to Dave Parrish.

It’s a great photo. It’s an honest and exhausting sentiment. But, as I’ve said before, I now feel so guilty that I led my whole life taking for granted the right to self-determination and dominion over my own body. I want to apologize to every girl under the age of 18 for failing to safeguard her future.

So, happy International Women’s Day, I guess.

edited to add: The New Hampshire House voted to amend and thereby drastically undermine its 12-year-old contraceptive equity law.


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