Auld Lang Syne

I have been just at the edge of a bad mood for several weeks now, which is long enough that I need to stop, take stock and figure out just what it is that has put me at the edge of a bad mood more days than not for over a month. But that’s my caution and not really interesting to the internet.

I have another four day weekend, so I think I’ll start that process by paying my library fines and finally checking out the Turkish coffee place up the block. Before the introspection leads to better moods (hopefully), I would like to be crabby one last time:

Morning Edition had an opinion piece this morning, ostensibly about “best of” lists (at least, that’s what the lead-in said). But the first three sentences sounded so much like a stealth ad, I had to shut off the radio. You know those stories (in print, or on tv or, apparently, public radio shows) leads with a neutral-sounding statement, identifying a cultural trend or fashion trend or safety/medical issue, but devolves into a testimonial about a product you can buy to stay on top of the trend or resolve your safety concerns? It was even more irritating than pre-election coverage.

There is something interesting and philosophical going on here, but I am too scattered (and, therefore, crabby) to think about it just at the moment.

Have a happy new year, everyone!


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